Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost?
Every case is different and the fees and costs vary. In our initial consultation we will give you an estimate of the expected fees and costs based upon the specific issues. The firm is proud of its ability to deliver very good results without the astronomical costs often associated with larger firms. The firm's goal is achieve the best results at a reasonable cost to the client. We do caution our clients that costs can be driven up in unexpected ways, such as the aggressiveness of opposing counsel or the requirements of a particularly demanding judge. The firm's general policy is that fees are based on an hourly rate, with the occasional contingency fee case.

Does the firm accept contingency cases?
In Personal Injury and Employment cases, the firm may accept a contingency fee arrangement. The fees (which are fairly standard) are usually one-third at any time up to thirty days before trial and forty percent thereafter. The amount of the legal fee is based on the amount of the settlement or award.

What happens during the initial consultation?
In the initial consultation we analyze the issues of your case and provide a preliminary strategy. We engage in a frank discussion with you regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your matter, and recommended strategy with an aim at achieving results. We will also provide you with an approximation of the fees and costs at various stages of the litigation, and attempt to answer all your questions. Our lawyers understand that not every matter will require litigation, and not all litigation will require trial.

Are attorney's fees recoverable?
Attorney's fees are recoverable if there is the contract that provides for the recovery of attorney fees to the prevailing party. Depending on the nature of the claim, there are a limited number of statutes which also provide for the recovery of attorney's fees.

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